We became charmed and just want to add a new social and functional order, bringing meaningful activities and living qualities

1 Prize in Architect Competition 2015

Our winning proposal strives towards a human and meaningful experience of living in Wulfsiedelung, making it both more intimate and greener.

It is a growing attempt to make a plan collectively. By giving these initiatives step by step, the area will gradually transform the existing situation to a diverse living place. Based on the existing qualities and atmosphere of living in the nature with large trees and beautiful hedge motives– it will evolve bottom-up.

We therefore focus on interactivity, accessibility, connectivity and a sensitivity to scale ensure that the proposal reads as part of the existing neighbourhood, with limits set to ensure that the landscape character of the area is maintained

The new village is a catalogue of dwelling, public places and garden typologies, bringing a huge set of variations to the original site, sharing the ideal of variety and social access with innovation and realization.






Hamburg Germany


7 Ha


KG Havobau Gmbh

Hansestadt Hamburg


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Lorenzen Mayer

Becht Aps

Landscape Design

Becht Aps

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