Next to Berlin's Olympia Stadium, in an idyllic existing old housing area with large beautiful trees, the city of Berlin asks how to build a more dense and modern residence.

2 Prize in Architect Competition 2014

Our answer is to build by retaining the attractive trees and park character while ensuring sustainable urban living qualities.

We proposed a mix of urban villas and housing blocks, and a mix of public and private spaces, to create a modern housing complex with intimate atmosphere. Every building has its own address and identity, but together they form a cohesive village.

This increase in housing density on the site and together with the preserving of the park creates a landmark for the inhabitants of West End. This not only supports the residents with generous outdoor spaces it also elevates the living quality by living in the park which permeates through the site.






Berlin Germany


10 Ha


Stadt Berlin


Architect Competition


Lorenzen Mayer

Becht Aps

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