Bringing life to a new neighbourhood in a former Monestery

1 Prize in Architect Competition 2020

The masterplan competition occupies a unique site in the city Münster at the former Monastery Friedrichsburg. The site, with great potential, will be urbanized.

Our winning proposal introduce three building blocks with gardens and courtyards that will preserve beautiful grand trees and a chapel from the old convent garden, with new housing ideal of variety and social access. 

The goal is to maximize urban and architectural diversity as well as spatial flexibility, and the realization of a pedestrian-friendly zone in the center of site. The transformation is an attempt to increase density to enhance the activity in a viable mix of housing, office and spaces which will enliven the entire district of Pluggendorf.

At last the buildings are unique in identity and material expression whilst relating to neighbouring buildings in shape and architecture.




2020 -


Münster Germany


4,5 Ha


LVM Versicherung

Stadt Münster


On going


Lorenzen Mayer

Becht Aps

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