Waldbaldviertel will be the next step in the development of the city of Cologne, following a new approach to planning for the 21st century

1 Prize Architect Competition 2011

Viertel vor Grün, German Landscape Award 2016

Polis Award, German Planning Award 2018

It’s a new city ideal, in which working, and living are mixed together with high social values and great recreation possibilities. We preserve the surrounding landscape scenery by compacting the housing preventing the development of expanse, which means Waldbaldviertel can remain green. It will become an attractive resident due to its central location, high quality housing, commercial facilities and great nature.

Our masterplan and landscape planning integrate the resident into its surrounding by adding an inner green corridor treasure, that will become a spine for the new neighbourhood. This new public green space will house playgrounds and sports facilities, including bicycle lanes and shaded pedestrian promenades throughout the new resident.

The masterplan contributes into a future-proof and vibrant resident where work, living and recreation coexist.






Cologne Germany


14 Ha 2000 Homes


GAG Immobilen

Stadt Köln




Lorenzen Mayer

Becht Aps

Landscape Design

Becht Aps

Project Managment

Förder Landscape

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