Norra Stationsgatan will be one of Stockholm's most interesting and destinations

At 2016, a dozen property owners and the city of Stockholm start develop new neighborhoods along the high street Norra Stationsgatan, with a focus on food experiences, high quality service and livability. 

BECHT with NORDIC CONCEPT task was to illustrate this vision, a street as an eventful experience by a wide variety of activities.

Our proposal radically carves out pedestrian-friendly environment transforming a notoriously congested traffic hub into a world-class civic space. We point out a design that empowers people to move in a natural, comfortable way through an along the high street.

Aiming a measurable positive impact on public safety, public life and economic output. The project stands as a model for how the carefully considered design of an urban high street can improve both the well-being of its users and provide an important space for the commerce, retail, shops and restaurants.




2016 -


Stockholm Sweden


Norra Stationsgatan


Hagastadens Property Owners




Becht Aps

NordicConcept AB

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