The Town House project above all, respect the human scale, and are also flexible, diverse, innovative, sustainable, social, affordable, and exciting

Located on Islands Brygge, a new housing development in Copenhagen, the so called T-grunden district consists of several neigthbourhood grouped together

For the inner part of T-grunden Holgaard Architects has designed a group of row houses, Town House and Yard House, of exceptionally high quality.

The Town house open up towards the garden and daylight. Operating within a nostalgic urban requirement, a wall of limestone work and a wooden gate creates a boundary between family and public life towards the street, whilst on the garden side, glass walls open up to the indoor living spaces, embracing the houses patio.

Our urban plan gives strict parameters to ensure a cohesion to the houses, lead by a focus on designing architecture from an artistic starting point. This by using the houses basic material limestone for pavement, in combination with flowering cherry trees, sable evergreen hedges and ground plants, bringing an exotic and exciting expression to the site.






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