We want the use the atmosphere of the park with large trees dancing on the grass, in shaping a new bath

We let atmosphere dance over and on the new bath. Beyond being beautiful, they contribute to shade in summer heat, provide shelter and a biological corridor for insects and birds over the new bath.

Furthermore, we propose a bath with two faces. One towards the city by a public inviting square. The second by a transparence fasad to the lake, showing off like a lantern, making the bath activities visible.

In addition we let the roof become a huge green outdoor terrace as an extension of the square. Creating a meeting place where you can sunbathe, have a breathtaking panorama view over the lake and the city, play – or just “hang out”.  

The new Bath “Folkungabadet” will be the new meeting place in Linköping and together with Tinnerbäcksbadet it will be a fantastic attraction, unique to Sweden –  we call it the “Swim Arena”






Linköping Sweden




Municipally of Linköping


Architect Competition


Becht Aps

Erseus Architects

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© Becht Aps

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