The everyday life will be Simonskaul main attraction

1 Prize in Architect Competition 2019

Simonskaul will become a popular residential area in the Cologne region, introducing a high diversity of living quality and facilities, from private gardens, courtyards to public spaces. A key feature of our vision for the Park are the ‘cuts’ in the building blocks which result in maximum sunlight and park views for residents.

It creates a variety of possibilities for interaction and is an expression of the diversity of its users.

The Park will be integrated into its surrounding and to the new neighborhood with play areas, walking and cycling routes. Adding a vibrant atmosphere to the block through the inner Plazas for an innovative mix of functions and small-scale activities, will guarantee more intimacy and allow everyday life.

Cycling, walking and socializing are a key feature of the ground areas.




2019 -


Colonge Germany


5 Ha


Bonava Germany

Stadt Köln

GAG Immobilien


On going


Lorenzen Mayer

Becht Aps

Landscape Design

Becht Aps

Project Managment

Kraftraum Landscape

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