We bind the downtown city to life and attractions on the waterfront­

2 Prize in Architect Competition 2012

Located in the center of Södertälje, separated from the city by existing buildings, the location of the waterfront Maren is in desperate need of improved pedestrian connections, green space, and amenities for the neighbourhood and city life.

The proposal provides for these needs, with transparence new buildings, and a pedestrian wooden deck promenade along the quay and the many attractions, connecting the city, with Maren dockland and further to the recreative green peninsula.

Rather than competing with the city for attention, the shape of the Maren and its new building is essentially with spaces for living, culture and recreation  – including food market, restaurant, a splash pad for children, swimming pools, coworking spaces, meditation and resting zones to the water.

We shape Maren as the city’s new cultural and recreative hub.






Södertälje Sweden


Maren Habour


Municipality of Södertälje



Architect Competition


Becht Aps

Erseus Architects

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