The residential project Lincon Kaserne redefines suburban living through giving residents the affordable suburban lifestyle, with individuality, diversity and community spirit

1 Prize in Architect Competition 1996

BECHT in team with architects Lorenzen Mayer from Berlin, design the redevelopment of former German Army barracks in Münster, into a richly diverse community where individuality and quality of life are paramount.

The fully pedestrianized town house village opens out into the huge play and sports parks included themed eco-environment as fruit alleys or butterfly gardens. Each household also has a unique private garden whose typologies vary, handpicked by the residents to provide the outdoor living that suits them; whether it be for the children to run around or for growing vegetables

The urban spaces dissipate into a geometric network of paths and gardens, which are really just an extension of the park which permeates through the site. This enables the ground level to remain safe, green and family friendly.

Cycling, walking and socializing are a key feature of the ground areas, a car-free zone.






Münster Germany


200 Homes


Wohn und Stadtbau Münster




Lorenzen Mayer

Becht Aps

Landscape Design

Becht Aps

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