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Our design for an interactive district situated in former railway area, provides Ehrenfeld with a dynamic new urban area where living, working, shopping, and leisure are combined

1 Prize in Architect Competition 2014

Just like many European railways areas, Güterbahnhof Ehrenfeld in Cologne is undergoing a transformation from industrial area to city quarter. Located west and close to the center of Cologne, the railway area will make way for an urban mix of living, working and leisure facilities in the coming years; one of the last central most important regenerations projects.

The winning design proposed a result in both an urban and nature expressions, from an inner dense city character for shops, workplaces and community spaces, to an outer open green landscape character for leisure, play and sports.

Introduction of a central street will connect the proposal to existing public areas and embed the project within its surroundings, making the new urban district exist as a diverse, lively and vibrant hub where visitors and residents alike are engaged irrespective of the time of day. 






Colonge Germany


8 ha


Aurelis Asset Gmbh

Stadt Köln


Outline Project


Lorenzen Mayer

Becht Aps

Landscape Design

Becht Aps

Project Managment

Lill + Sparla Landscape

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