Can a shopping street integrate large and high-quality public space?

BECHT with CITY I SAMVERKAN transform Gamla Brogatan in collaboration with the streets Property Owner and City of Stockholm. The project is conceived by a participatory processo the location.

In the development, retail, leisure, public space and housing are integrated to the street creating a new piece of city where the combination of programs triggers a unique shopping experience, while also tapping into the expectations set by the urban context of Stockholm. Can it become a friendly iconic element which brings on a new identity to the city?

Yes, by improving an artful design but in one identity spaces to rest, play and gastronomy take place. Special attention has been given to shape a pavement pattern on the street that interpret the unique Stockholm’s modern architecture expression.

The result is charming, fun and lovable.




2016 -


Stockholm Sweden


Gamla Brogatan


Municipality of Stockholm

Property Owners




Becht Aps

City i Samverkan AB

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