City box represents the new generation of pavilions, it´s supermobile and sustainable

City Box is a flexible pavilion, robust, easy to move and transform to different sizes and use. It’s a modular structure, which take on a wide variety of forms which respond and adapt to changing conditions and requirement.

These typologies as the basis for the design of the Box, is not just appropriate to the area its placed, but also a poetic gesture,  bringing sobriety, space and identity to the location.

The construction is by a sustainable very light weighted but of strong glulam wood type Autarki, with high insulation value and incredibly durability.

Roof and gabbles are wrapped in a unique material: newest generation of solar films of hardened glass, imprinted with images of the site. Using transparency, filtration and opacity in the structural glass creates a stunning light inside the box.

Reducing noise and eco working in the box, we propose a sound absorbing floor and interior roof made by recycling material, in various of patterns and colors.

At last the walls are sliding doors in beautifully natural wood opening up the box a hot summer day, or partly closed a cold winter day.






Stockholm Sweden


3 Places


Municipality of Stockholm


Architecture Competition


Becht Aps

Nordic Concept AB

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© Becht Aps

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