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There is a severe competition in Stockholm for most attractive trade, workplaces and the best communications. In addition, people choose more freely today where we want to live, shop and work. Working within those difficult demand’s local property developer together with Swedavia and City of Stockholm, strives towards a vision creating the most attractive place to invest and stay in.

BECHT and PDG with the understanding of an old friend, the insight of a seasoned therapist and the tough love of a parent, dived headfirst into the deep waters of our clients’ unique universes. And challenge our clients to think out of the box to come up with an answer.

It was a joyful adventure and a successful project that was founded on trust and strong cooperation between all involved parties – based on openness and dialogue.

We supported this dialog towards a human and meaningful experience of space through culture analysis and creative thinking. Our output includes implement strategy, spatial and structural programming as well as urban design.




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Stockholm Sweden




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