Sun, wind and water

What can be better than the atmosphere of the Alby nature reserve between heaven and earth. We want to promote, the Sörmland´s pastoral and historic landscape, which tells the story of man and nature.

Alby´s entrance will shape a unifying circular form inspired from a time when the sun symbolized power and important spaces, that you approach, visit and leave.

We interpret the old Swedish wood fences, that runs picturesquely between lands, forests and hills, to mark the new entrances with wooden pillars, standing in a specific geometric form, showing off as unique landmarks.

The bridge articulates the meeting between water, land and heaven. First by letting the bridge run horizontal and in a straight line very close over the water. Second by adapting it to the terrain, letting visitors freely walk out on the rocky hillside. At last by designing it in only two materials inspired from the nature – weathering steel and wood.






Tyresö Sweden


Alby Nature Reserve


Municipality of Tyresö


Architect Competition


Becht Aps

Ekologigruppen Ekoplan

Holgaard Architects

Andersen & Sigurdsson Arhitects

Krabbenhøft + Ingolfsson

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