City Scape Generate Burlöv Sweden

The next generation of cities ? BECHT develops a toolbox of ideas to Stockholm

From the most intimate spheres of our lives to big spheres of our live business, it’s the same: New forms of culture are reshaping cities. 

BECHT believe in those value of urbanism that engage, interact and generate density and diversity.  This requires coordination and organization between the developer, city and planners.

Our answer is a toolbox that work in a flexible order to allow all what the change requires. In partnership with PDG – the team engages in several big scale projects in Stockholm using this toolbox of ideas by workshops and panel discussions, exploring visions for the future city.

To BECHT everything is urbanism, and at the same time urbanism is a device that allows society to develop further, becoming better, greener, and more social

Working within those difficult demands of planning, we therefore believe in a number of softer principles for creating a quality living environment: diversity, freedom, sustainability, happiness, and public space. We apply these principles to masterplans at all scales, from neighbourhood developments to entire cities.

For us it is always a joyful adventure and a successful proces that are based on openness and dialogue between all involved parties, that help discover and shape the brand position to current project.

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