Rådhusespladen in Umeå Sweden – proposed final stage

Public spaces are the lifeblood of successful cities

They provide people with attractions, crucial meeting points, enriching cultural experiences – that shape their lives every day.

BECHT believes in giving public spaces the attention they deserve, with exciting and welcoming designs, that serve activities to everybody.

Whether it’s through a jolt of color, an unexpected arrangement of elements, or a unique material experiment, our designs bring qualities joy and fun to spaces of all sizes and types. The public space Rådhusesplanden in Umeå, was born out of this simple desire, showing off its role to anybody who sees it.

Lincon Kasrene in Münster Germany

Spaces for all that make you smile

A garden space is designed to heighten the simultaneous experience of nature, where sun and shade mingle, creating a variety of unique spatial experiences for the user. Such garden full of nature provides spontaneous joy and helps us relax.

Right now the value of nature is important in our cities to create healthy, well-balanced living environments for people. We need to regulate and absorb climatic changes such as cloudbursts, rising sea levels and higher temperatures.

Spaces for all, is for us therefore done with a innovative holistic approach, social interaction, sense impression and climat adaption. Combining all this represents a considerable success in many of our projects.

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