Rådhusespladen in Umeå Sweden – proposed final stage

We do spaces that make you smile

BECHT believes in giving public spaces the attention they deserve, with exciting and welcoming designs, that serve activities to everybody.

Whether it’s through a jolt of color, an unexpected arrangement of elements, or a unique material experiment, our designs bring qualities joy and fun to spaces of all sizes and types. The public space Rådhusesplanden in Umeå, was born out of this simple desire, showing off its role to anybody who sees it.

We shape spaces for "Face to Face" contact

The big winners are the cities that provide spaces for every day life, with a lot of opportunities for intense connectedness.

Our team of prize-winning designers strive therefore towards that every part of people’s lives to be a valuable experience. Understanding that public spaces are the lifeblood of successful cities providing people with attractions, crucial meeting points and enriching cultural experiences, that shape their lives every day.

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