Stadtwerder Stadthäuser

Becht STADTWERDER STADTHÄUSER Bremen’s most important development project is currently being built on Stadtwerder Peninsula 1 Prize in Architect Competition 2011 Bremen Stadtwerder is undergoing a transformation from industrial to city quarter. Located southeast of Bremen on a peninsula in the river Weser the former water utilities industries will make way for an urban mix […]

Neugraben Park

Becht NEUGRABEN PARK Our proposal was to create a park that works as a central gathering and a living room for Neugraben, where the park becomes a part of the community 2 Prize in Architect Competition 2006 Neugraben will become a popular residential area in the Hamburg region, due to its central location, between the […]


Becht WALDBALDVIERTEL WALDBALD-VIERTEL Waldbaldviertel will be the next step in the development of the city of Cologne, following a new approach to planning for the 21st century 1 Prize Architect Competition 2011 Viertel vor Grün, German Landscape Award 2016 Polis Award, German Planning Award 2018 It’s a new city ideal, in which working, and living are […]

Campus Hochschule

Becht CAMPUS HOCHSCHULE What square can stage and serve a university Campus? How can such a space not only stage, but activate and contribute to the school too ? 1 Prize in Architect Competition 2011 Our answer is by a classical Campus – inspired by the old Italian Piazza a stage for business, leisure, events […]

West End

Becht WEST END Next to Berlin’s Olympia Stadium, in an idyllic existing old housing area with large beautiful trees, the city of Berlin asks how to build a more dense and modern residence. 2 Prize in Architect Competition 2014 Our answer is to build by retaining the attractive trees and park character while ensuring sustainable […]


Becht SIMONSKAUL The everyday life will be Simonskaul main attraction 1 Prize in Architect Competition 2019 Simonskaul will become a popular residential area in the Cologne region, introducing a high diversity of living quality and facilities, from private gardens, courtyards to public spaces. A key feature of our vision for the Park are the ‘cuts’ in […]


Becht WULFSIEDELUNG We became charmed and just want to add a new social and functional order, bringing meaningful activities and living qualities 1 Prize in Architect Competition 2015 Our winning proposal strives towards a human and meaningful experience of living in Wulfsiedelung, making it both more intimate and greener. It is a growing attempt to […]

Deutzer Hafen

Becht DEUTZER HAFEN We explored the boundaries of density, introducing rules that ensured liveability for Rhein Stadt Deutzer Hafen. The result is neighbourhoods that are cohesive, yet lively. 2 Prize in Architect Competition 2017 Deutzer Hafen is situated by the river Rhine and close to the city center of Cologne with a astonish view overlooking the […]

Güterbahnhof Ehrenfeld

Becht GÜTERBAHNHOF EHRENFELD Photo Aurelis Asset Our design for an interactive district situated in former railway area, provides Ehrenfeld with a dynamic new urban area where living, working, shopping, and leisure are combined 1 Prize in Architect Competition 2014 Just like many European railways areas, Güterbahnhof Ehrenfeld in Cologne is undergoing a transformation from industrial […]

Solna Boulevard

Becht SOLNA BOULEVARD BECHT and PDG help strengthen and discover the true purpose and brand position of Solna Boulevard The Property Owners along Solnavägen has a unique chance to act as one voice achieving something that is more valuable than they can do by themselves. Most important is to turn the long traffic hub from […]

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