Østervold in Randers Denmark

We love architecture and we love to question, design, explore and furthermore to develop it

Our architecture is driven by this desire for better cities, pleasant environments, and loved public amenities. Lead always by a focus on designing architecture from an artistic starting point. 

Already in our very first completed work, our desire to do distinguished design of exceptionally high quality is visible. The transform of the public space Østervold in Randers, make use of the topography creating different spaces for individuality, diversity and community spirit, shaped in a unique contemporary expression.

Since this early success, our design methodology become rooted in this core value. Combining landscape and architecture without division, and from the earliest stage. It’s how we contribute with an architecture that revolutionize every aspect of human life in developing better environments with great spaces to enjoy life.

Often in collaboration with some of the best Architects and Landscape Architects around.

We want to improve the architecture in unexpected and productive ways

Architecture is for us therefore done with a innovative holistic approach, social interaction, sense impression and climat adaption. Combining all this represents a considerable success in many of our projects.

We allow those qualities for the everyday life to permeate in new neighborhoods, that bring the community together and promotes an active lifestyle. 

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